I am James Hannam, a maker of things, teacher of stuff, video creator and wannabe geek.

I have been a Product Design teacher for over 15 years and a maker for as long as I can remember. For me there isn't anything better than making and designing things.

I split my time between teaching, and my companies MakerLabs and Pantri. MakerLabs is focussed on educational  STEM/STEAM events, whilst Pantri is a new joint venture developing intelligent hardware for grocery ordering and replenishment.

2018 so far has been fantastic. MakerLabs has hosted over 50 courses across the country, as well as launching several 'kit' projects to encourage STEM and design thinking. I have been working on a (hopefully epic) 'maker curriculum' which aims to give want to be makers all the pathways to skills needed to make stuff.

Pantri is going to be featuring heavily over the coming months, more can be found out here, but for now a quick summary of my input would be... designing and making things that connect to Pantri and help people order stuff...more to follow!

The summer has been a chance to refocus and join a few things. Im happy to announce that MakerLabs now has a proper base, and a MASSIVE workshop! I have spent some time recently at the STEAMhouse in Birmingham, and love their attitude (and facilities). From September we will be basing MakerLabs at STEAMHouse...there are a load of really interesting things on the horizon!

Lastly, but not least(ly) I have longed for an opportunity to get back into the classroom to help inspire the next generation of makers, thinkers and doers. Linking the maker curriculum with the International Baccalaureate is on the top of my list for the end part of the year, there will be a section on this site dedicated to it!

If you want to get involved, or just want to talk through some ideas I'd love to hear from you, click here to send me an email ... or use the links at the top to say hello on your favourite social media platform.