First off, this site is a complete and utter working progress...sometimes the links may not work, or there might be a typo (actually...there will definitely be typos). My aim is to document as much as possible, the content and resources I use to take students through various parts of the International Baccalaureate for Product Design. 

A single blog covers the topics as they are delivered, eventually organised into modules. The sections will take you to any content which I have tagged as Y12,Y13 or Skills.  

Questions or suggestions? Send to ibpd@makerlabs.org.uk, or @iamjameshannam on social media.


Any session content or resources that are used in your seminars can be found here.


“Design is thinking made visual.” –Saul Bass


Final year content can be found here, although it is worth taking a look at what we are doing in Y12 too.



The best thing about Product Design is the crazy amount of skills and knowledge you can pick up as you learn the 'craft'. I never really liked learning from books, and much prefer watching a video then going out to practice what I've seen. 

This section holds all of that kind of stuff. Videos, guides, practical exercises and challenges, my pinterest boards (for inspiration and starting points) and any other random stuff I talk about.

Bottom line, in order to really get the most out of this stuff... you have to go and do something...test it, make it, break it, rebuild it that sort of thing!